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Gwalior Fort
Hotel Surbhi Activities Standing on a steep mass of sandstone, Gwalior Fort dominates the city and is its most magnificent monument. It has been the scene of momentous events: imprisonments, battles and jauhars. A steep road winds upwards to the fort, flanked by statues of the Jain tirthankaras, carved into the rock face. The magnificent outer walls of the fort still stand, two miles in length and 35 feet high, bearing witness to its reputation for being one of the most invincible forts of India. This imposing structure inspired Emperor Babur to describe it as the pearl amongst the fortresses of Hind.

Jai Vilas Palace
Hotel Surbhi Activities Jai Vilas Palace is reminiscence of a regal lifestyle, the past comes alive. Palace Jai Vilas is an Italian structure, which combines the Tuscan and Corinthian architectural modes. The imposing Durbar hall has two central Chandeliers weighing a couple of tons and hung only after ten elephants had tested the strength of the roof. Eye-catching treasures includes silver train with cut glass wagon, which served guests as it chugged on the table on miniature rail.

Mansingh Palace
Hotel Surbhi Activities Built between 1486 and 1517 by Raja Mansingh. Emperor Aurangzeb, had his brother imprisoned and later, executed here. It also has Jauhar Kund, where in Rajput tradition, the Ranis, committed mass sati if their consorts were defeated in battle.

Tomb of Tansen
Hotel Surbhi Activities A pillar of Hindustani Classical music, the great Tansen, one of the jewel amongst Navratnas of Mughal Emperor- Akbar's court, lies buried in Gwalior. More than a monument, the tomb is part of Gwalior's cultural heritage and is the venue of annual music festival.

Gwalior Museum
Hotel Surbhi Activities Though the present Maharaja still lives in the palace, 35 of its rooms house the Scindia Museum, which displays royal memorabilia. The Museum boasts of a remarkable collection of artifacts, culled from all over the world. A crystal staircase winds its way up to the spectacular Durbar Hall. The arched ceiling, with stunning gold leaf work, carries two of the world’s largest and most magnificent chandeliers, each weighing over three tons and holding 248 candles. The roof was tested in advance by getting 10 elephants to climb upon it via a two-kilometre ramp. The chandeliers were gilded with 56 kilograms of gold. Spread out across this very hall is the largest carpet in Asia, made in the Gwalior Jail.

The hall is dotted with all kinds of curios such as Belgian cut glass and crystal furniture – including a rocking chair. Stuffed tiger hides speak of the hunting expeditions of the erstwhile royalty of Gwalior. However, the most enchanting curiosity is the famous model train that circulates brandy, dry fruit and cigars around the table after dinner. The lifting of a container or bottle would automatically reduce pressure on the track and thus stop the silver train.

Gurudwara Data Bandi Chod
Hotel Surbhi Activities Built in the memory of Guru Hargobind sahib, the 6th Sikh Guru, who was imprisoned here by the emperor Jehangir for over two years.

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